I say if you're going to do an "about me" page, at least include enough detail
to make it interesting. After all, aren't you just a bit curious? Do read on . . .

Born: 17th February 1957, London, Kentucky, USA. Grew up in Morgantown, KY
Places Lived: Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; San Jose, CA; Campbell, CA; Bloomington, IL
Now Lives In: Heyworth, Illinois: a small village just south of Bloomington.
Career: IT, which means I have no life to speak of :)
Likes: Books, books, books; private aviation; "alternative" people; gloomy fall days; high winds at night; England and the UK; Linux; travelling and road trips; Romance languages; European train travel; well-executed Web sites; Doctor Who; snow-covered winter nights; wireless internet; occult literature
Dislikes: Narrow-minded people; office politics; most over-used fonts; brain-dead right-wing columnists; people living in the past; sugar
Despises: Religious bigotry; discrimination of any type; predatory corporations; referring to a Web site as a "Web" (thanks Microsoft)
Authors: HP Lovecraft; Bill Bryson; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Dion Fortune; John Mortimer; Molly Ivins; Mercedes Lackey; Isaac Asimov; Janet and Stewart Farrar; many others
Favorite Websites: Working for Change; The Onion; User Friendly; Slashdot; eBay; The Register
Food/drink: pasta; anything low/non-fat or sugar-free (must watch the sugar!); granola bars; coffee!
Preferred Music: Some rock/new rock, lots of old disco, classic (pre-1970) country, most Celtic, most big-band/cocktail; classical
Loathed Music: Rap; hip-hop; "light" jazz
Passions: Antique and "boatanchor" radios; Route 66; the Internet; and some you'll have to ask me about!
Best Friends: My partner, Tom, and our cats Alasdair, Lammas Myst, and Rónán
Places Visited: England (all over); N. Ireland (Belfast); México (Tíjuana, Ensenada); Spain (Barcelona, Sitges); France (Paris); Denmark (Copenhagen); Canada (Toronto, Montrèal, Ottawa, Calgary, Cochrane); Belgium (Oostende); 28 US states
Languages: English (of course); Spanish (fairly good); some Italian; some French; some Catalán
Spirituality: Non-Christian Alternative (ask me sometime)